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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Why do you find him annoying?
Because of the stupid hat. He has become better this season but my Carl hate built up over two years, it's hard to let go and after Lori is gone he's at the top of my kill list ... wait, that's not true, I hate Andrea more, kill her first.

You didn't have to list the flaws of the others, it's not like I want anyone of them as the leader, that's why I picked Tyrese.
Of Rick's group the only members I genuinely like are Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel and Carol (which surprises me, because for the first two seasons I didn't care for her that much although I always liked the actress), everyone else can go, add Tyrese, the father and son from the pilot and a few others and start over. I'm willing to give Michonne another chance, I'm just really disappointed that they don't seem to do much with her. Why did they introduce a fan favorite from the comics and then treat her like T-Dog? It feels like she's just the next black person who is on screen so that AMC can claim they have a diverse cast while all lines go to the white people.
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