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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Finished playing with my Inquisitor character (bar a couple of companion stories; that can wait until a bored moment), so started a Smuggler Gunslinger.

It's weird how fast it I felt I was levelling the second time around. With my first character, so much time was invested in just getting to grips with the game's mechanics. With the second, you can blast through the early game content much more swiftly, such that after a few, relatively brief, play sessions I'm about 80% of the way through Coruscant.

The Smuggler is certainly entertaining; you have a more charming & less acidic of sense humour than the Inquisitor with more flirt options, and if you play light-sided, you can also talk your way out of some dangerous situations, which is an interesting change of pace. Despite my reservations upthread, the cover/shield system works very intuitively. At this stage, the fights seem a lot easier than the equivalent stage of the Inquisitor storyline. I think it's because the shield means that you're less squishy, and Corso seems to be an even beefier tank than Khem. I do feel like I will eventually need something equivalent to the Inquisitor's Overload spell, to temporarily knock back NPCs that get too close, but it's OK at the moment as I just kick them in the nuts or whatever.

The game designers really made the characters FEEL like they're part of Star Wars. Not just in terms of dialogue & appearance, but also how they fight and move. It just feels appropriate for the setting, graphically and in terms of the mechanics.

There is an annoying cosmetic glitch with the Smuggler though; sometimes your blaster fires while holstered, if you've just finished a fight. And I'm not convinced the Recuperation animation of shooting the coin is that appropriate as it seems weird to shoot stuff to regenerate life while you're skulking about, staying out of the way of the next mob. Breaks immersion slightly to see/hear the shooting and for it not attract a mob. Only a minor niggle though.
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