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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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The timing of that means series 8 (or 8a if it's still split, though there's no reason for that ATM) would be starting at Easter 2014
It is very vague and interesting that the BBC could officially announce 2014 series for a bunch of other shows this week but not DW.

I really do suspect now that they're waiting on Matt Smith to sign a contract for another full series (or not) before they decide exactly what they're going to do.
No surprise there, S7 is Matt Smith's 3rd Series, so, it wouldn't be a surprise at all, if his tenure is nearing it's end. I'd love to see him stay longer, but, not many have stayed beyond 3 Series (Hartnell just a bit over 3, Pertwee 6 and Tom Baker 7, and then Tennant did the Specials after 3 Series)
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