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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Can someone please kill Carl? He's annoying
Why do you find him annoying? He's growing up fast, in situations beyond his control.

and I want to see Rick get even more crazy, then someone can put a bullet in his brain
I'm no fan of Rick's delusions either, but he's still the straight man in a warped world. Other associates had/have serious flaws:
  • Shane was a jealous murderer.
  • Dale was a hyper-annoying lefty whiner obsessed with Andrea.
  • Merle--'nuff said.
  • Carol's husband--'nuff said.
  • Andrea was an asshole.
Daryl may be an effective second in command/organizer, but he still has standoff issues with Carol, and is too trusting of his "blood," Merle, when he knows Merle is abusive, and has no interest in being a part of the group. That character flaw makes him unfit to be absoulte leader, and after the farm's destruction, Hershel is more comfortable acting as advisor.

[qoute]Tyrese takes over as leader, they find Daryl and he rejoins the group. Oh, and get rid of Andrea and Michonne (both great character in the comics that suck on the show) in the season finale, thank you show![/QUOTE]

Michonne is due another sword massacre, and right now, keeping her as bomb waiting to explode / slight hurt issues over being rejected is where she will stay..unless the next eposide is the time for her to shine...
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