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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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Seems to me that, to the people of an ancient and magical world, bloodline counts for more than paper.

They come from a fairytale world - justice trumps law.

(And I do feel sorry for Regina and I do think she loves Henry, but if Emma is stepping up finally and Henry agrees, she's his mother and gets to make the decisions about him. In a fairytale-rules, non U.S.-laws world.)

Plus, even David in this episode brought up the question of what happens when a kid (James - or Regina?) is brought up by an evil person (George - or Cora?) - how does that change who the child will grow up to be? Who would James have been if he'd been brought up by David's side by their sweet mother? How strong is nature vs. nurture? Who will Henry be outside of Regina's influence, and under Emma's? Who would he have become if he'd stayed with Regina? Would he have continued to fight to be like David, or would he have become like James?

Personally, I think Henry is more like David than anyone else. I think he's just an intrinsically good kid with a good moral compass, moreso even than his mother or grandmother. That's why I actually liked the David/Henry bonding scenes we saw when Emma and Snow were away. I hope that continues in some form once they have time for it in their lives.
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