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Re: Andor question

Fear not, gentle Arrakian, the Nasat is here!

As lvsxy808 mentioned upthread, the early DS9 relaunch novels outright stated that Andorians prefer warm and humid environments; fortunately, they didn't state that Andorians required such, only that it was a preference. When Enterprise established Andor as a frozen moon, the novels mostly ignored the contradiction and made Shran and his 22nd century buddies conform to the cultural and naming conventions established in the DS9 books.

The Myriad Universes story "The Chimes At Midnight" later provided an explanation for why Andor in the DS9 novels is not so frozen, helping fully reconcile the two interpretations. Apparently, a global warming project was initiated in the early 23rd century tto increase Andor's agricultural capacity and thus reduce their dependency on offworld supply; apparently their trade deficit was becoming quite the issue. This warming project was a success, although it threatened the remaining Aenar settlements and led to a bit of a political kerfuffle. As Therin has pointed out on occasion, the sudden flash floods in parts of the planet as depicted in Andor: Paradigm might be considered the result of continued rapid melting.

Happily, DS9 relaunch Andorians were depicted as building subterranean dwellings, which fits nicely with what Enterprise established. The novels hinted that Andorian civilization was built around hot springs, which might explain the preference for heat and humidity while also keeping them adapted for the cold?
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