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Re: TOS: Allegiance in Exile by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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^The Lost Years was superseded by Ex Machina/Forgotten History's version of the end of the 5YM.
You monsterous superseder of old novels, you.
I felt free to take a different course because the book's assumptions about the Trek universe, and those of other '80s-continuity books it explicitly tied into, had already been long since superseded by new canon. In particular, VGR: "Q2" had suggested that the final mission of the 5-year tour had been the incident where Kirk saved the Pelosians from extinction (or at least that that was the last event significant enough for Icheb to mention in his report), and I wanted to expand on that reference.

Besides, my version was just one of many. DC had done its own version of "The Final Mission" three years before The Lost Years came out, and then did another in a 1995 story by Howard Weinstein. My version in ExM was the fourth distinct interpretation. And since then we've had several more: one in the Crucible trilogy by DRGIII, one in a Strange New Worlds 10 story, and one in IDW's Mission's End miniseries. So that's at least seven mutually incompatible versions of how the 5YM ended, which is probably a record for differing interpretations of the same event. But the ExM/FH version happens to be the one that's unified with the current primary novel continuity, as well as the only one that acknowledges the Pelosian incident.
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