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Re: Was altering Kurn's memory "Kahlessian"?

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If Worf was allowed (albeit reprimanded) to kill Duras, then why would he not be allowed to deal with Kurn as he saw fit?

Was it because Worf killed Duras on board a Klingon ship, and this thing with Kurn was on DS9?
Yes, this all the difference. Worf killed Duras on a Klingon ship, out of Picard's jurisdiction. And since it was within the bounds of Klingon law, they were fine with it. Picard reprimanded him for doing it and was "disappointed" but that's it.

Worf tried to kill Kurn on the station, which I am guessing is against both Starfleet and Bajoran rules. What I found stupid was how was Worf planning to get away with it? Let's say he did go through with the ritual, then what? Hide the body? Vaporize it? What would have happened when Odo started looking into the whereabouts of the Klingon who'd come aboard then disappeared? If Worf had gone somewhere else with Kurn to do the ritual it would have been no big deal.

(It can be argued that Worf should have gotten in trouble for killing Gowron at the end of S7 on the station, but since Sisko pretty much gave him permission to do it and Gowron sort of provoked the fight, he got away with it)

I thought the conflict in Sons of Mogh was good right up until the horrible, horrible ending.
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