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Re: Worst science goofs

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The whole of the new Star Trek is based on super-bad science.
Which is no worse than the inanity of the Genesis Device in TWOK and TSFS, the portrayal of the center of the galaxy in TFF, the explosion of Praxis in TUC (which was also able to instantaneously affect a starship sectors away), the trilithium supernovae in GEN (ditto), the fountain-of-youth ring radiation in INS, and the particle-of-the-week doomsday weapon in NEM. Not to mention the sheer fantasy of the godlike psychic powers of Gary Mitchell, Charlie Evans, Trelane, the Organians, etc. in TOS, or the way starships in the series fell out of orbit if their power failed, or the whole idea of humanoid aliens who can interbreed with humans, or, or, or.
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