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Re: Time for a DS9 movie...

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I hope that they don't make one.
"What You Leave Behind" was perfect, IMHO. It tied up all the loose ends and left enough unanswered to leave it up to the viewer to decide.
Yeah, I can totally see that. The finale was awesome and why mess that up with a movie? I know it's never going to happen regardless, but if they were going to bring back the cast for some sort of follow-up I would be lying if I were to say I wouldn't be excited! But yeah, I know it's not going to happen. Mostly I thought this dialogue was great (and I realize it was from 1994, but sorry I'm late to the game and I just found it on youtube):
Larry King: "When are you going to do a Deep Space Nine movie?"
Rick Berman: "A few years down the line."
Larry King: "These people deserve a movie, Rick!"
What?? Wow, Larry King! I was surprised he asked that question. Sounds like Rick was, too. And I think the actors were also surprised and amused! Unless one of the actors whispered that question in his ear during the commercial break!
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