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Just listened to this one as well. Not my favourite episode, but only because I never got into the comics and so didn't really know what you were talking about. Plus I never really got into TOS either, so it's a double whammy for me! Don't feel bad though, you can't target every episode just to my tastes. I still listened all the way through and found it interesting anyway.

What I would be interested in hearing you discuss in future episodes would be overall looks at some of the various series of books. Like if you did a whole episode just talking about the Titan series, or the DS9-R series, or SCE, or Gorkon, or Vanguard. (I think nu-Voyager was covered pretty thoroughly in the Kirsten Beyer interview.) Thoughts on how each series developed, what the concept was, your favourite characters in each series, stuff like that.

TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

Read DS9 SEASON 10 and DS9 SEASON 11 !
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