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Re: Klingon augment virus/Into Darkness Klingons

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I read the first couple posts and then skipped to the end so I apologize if this has been addressed.

Am I wrong for just seeing the ridges as something as simple as 'plussing' the characters? Way back when, prosthetics weren't as easily rendered as they are today. Hence brown paint, green paint, blue paint, etc on all the aliens. When I first saw the ridged Klingons in STTMP I didn't once think "How the hell did that happen!!!?" I thought 'COOL!'

Does that make me wrong?
I'm with you.

Having said that, I have no problem with fans who want to find an in-universe reason for the change from TOS to TMP. It can fun to try rationalize those changes with in-universe explanations. However, it also wouldn't be a "mistake" if Abrams decided to go with ridge-headed Klingons.

That would simply mean that the fans' in-universe explanation for smooth-headed versus ridge-headed Klingons would have to be modified to fit this new film -- or those fans could simply do what you and I did and consider the TMP Klingons to have been "plussed" with ridges, and TOS Klingons were retconned to have had ridges (albeit the TOS makeup didn't show it that way, but I have a good imagination).
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