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Re: Klingon augment virus/Into Darkness Klingons

Then again, the more stories told, the more contradictions. And Trek is a visual fantasy first and foremost: it would be a shame to see an onscreen event derided for failing to comply with offscreen material.

It was said upthread that Romulans in STXI were different from Romulans in TOS. How so? The movie ones had tattoos, but that was about it. Yet here we have a nice example of why novels don't really warrant the attention they get...

...Namely, the graphical novels that are supposed to give us a backstory for the movie (the Countdown thing) make the claim that the tattoos are signs of mourning, something Nero's folks did to their crania after losing their homeworld. But that is utterly inconsistent with the movie, where Nero appears on Spock Prime's viewer mere moments after the loss of Romulus, complete with a tattoo! Sure, the graphical storyline offers interesting drama and whatnot, but it cannot take place in the same universe as the movie. Should we dismiss the movie because it fails to comply with the comic? Or should we accept that this fictional universe is inconsistent, that is, poorly put together? Neither sounds like an appealing path to take. OTOH, dismissing the comic is pretty straightforward.

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