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Re: Earth based Trek show

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It could be quite similar to DS9 and that's liked.

Could be cool too if they focused on other species' governments too, intercutting.

There's always been politics. They could do so much more with the weird shit though, than they already have. No limits there really.
There would definitely be a lot of alien government things going along - at least in the form of ambassadors, how they interact, secret meetings and plotting between them etc.

One thread that could be picked up in the time period I mentioned earlier would be the Federation's resources being stretched in helping the Klingons rebuild Qo'noS explosion. There might be a group of planets along the Klingon border who had only recently joined the Federation after being occupied off and on by Klingons for generations.

They joined the Federation for safety and security and to help their worlds rebuild only now to find Federation resources now being channelled to the Klingons instead.

They might start casting about - talking of succeeding from the Federation - maybe reports of them having secret meetings with Romulan representatives
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