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Re: ENT Caption Contest #88: A Very Special Episode

TFTWs, Skywalker! Woo hoo!

Archer: Note to self: Stock up on decon gel and tic tacs.

Feezil: Tell me, do the other male crew fill out their uniforms better than Commander Tucker?

Hoshi: Oh God yes; I mean, I don't know...?

Phlox: It seems your six pack is in fact two 40's.

That's everything, but there's no room for any panties. Meh, who'm I kidding <closes suitcase>.

Archer: Is that a mural of you riding a saber tooth tiger into a demon battle?

T'Pol: Before I joined Starfleet I was a groupie for Vulcan Molly Hatchet.

Archer: I've got to, uh, go decon myself.

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