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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
But, as was stated upthread, Sony and MS already don't make money off of people who primarily buy used games. Knocking those out of the equation actually makes the consoles more profitable.
I thought they brought in one time online passes for second hand games, so they could make money from after all the complaining they want to throw that money out the window and make no money whatsoever from people who prefer second hand games. lol

You have to love the logic in that. ......i can only assume second hand players were not buying these one time codes then.

Although it's arguable whether driving Gamestop out of business is good for their profit margins.
Is Gamestop the same as Game over here......prices so high they have a surgeon working behind the counter ready to whip your kidney out when you want to buy something from them, even second hand. lol

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