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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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The PS1 and PS2 were not that underpowered. I'd say the PS1 more than held its own agaisnt the Saturn and even the later N64. The PS2 was less powerful than the X-Box but again not leagues behind, certainly not Wii-level underpowered.

I'm really not a Sony fanboy but I just don't agree with these assessments from people. Though maybe I'm alone in that...
I wasn't completely serious, I don't expect anyone at Sony to point at the Wii U and decree that the PS4 has to be less powerful. I just want them to remember that the PS1 and 2 were not successes because of their superior technology, it was a combinaton of great marketing, a great game library and various mistakes Nintendo made in their arrogance. The Wii's success is even more proof that you don't need to be the most powerful.
I knew the PS3 would be a failure compared to its predecessors when I heard the now legendary "599 US DOLLARS!", at that moment they became the Nintendo from a few years before, thinking they ruled and could do everything until they fell flat on their faces.

What's worse is that they apparently still plan to sell their consoles at a loss while at the same time blocking used games. Are they nuts? For most people there are two reasons to buy used games:

A) I can't get it new
B) I can't or don't want to pay the full price for this medocre looking game

If a game fits one of those categories I won't suddenly buy it new when it's not available new, I won't buy it at all. I'm also not interested in keeping games for eternity, I sell many of them after I finished them or lose interest, if I can't do that anymore I will become more picky and most likely buy less games in the future.
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