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Re: Help name the moons of Pluto

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That's fine, as long as the definition is consistent. The reason the current definition of planet is so stupid is that it was chosen not for scientific reasons, but for a political one-- to limit the number of planets in the solar system. But what difference does it make how many there are?
I think the best solution is to keep the dwarf planet category, because it's useful, but to eliminate the paradoxical notion that a dwarf planet is not a planet. A dwarf star is still a star, a dwarf galaxy is still a galaxy, and so on, so that just doesn't make sense. And we have other subdivisions of "planet" as a category, such as giant planets and terrestrial planets. We just need to treat "planet" as a class that has numerous subdivisions.
That's what makes the most sense to me. If the definition can include objects as diverse as Jupiter and Mercury, there's no reason why it can't include Plutonian objects.
Shouldn't they be Erisian objects? I'm confused at why you aren't arguing more for Eris than Pluto, since it's a more massive dwarf planet.
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