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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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Uhura's argument was this:

"Was I not your best student?"
"Am I not the best comm officer here today?"
"Then why the fuck aren't I assigned to the best ship?"

It's a valid point, and hardly blackmail. Spock erred on the side of caution and Uhura took issue with that. I found that far more endearing than the blank sheet that is old Uhura.
Despite that I think most people managed to form an opinion of the type of person old Uhura was. To me, nuUhura isn't that type.

And valid in what way?

For all Uhura knew, the ship she was assigned to may not have had a communications officer at all at that point and needed the best trainee available.
All the cadets stood and watched as the assignments were handed out. The film is fairly clear on the circumstances, so your supposition isn't really borne out by what we saw on screen.

That wouldn't have been a slight on her abilities, quite the reverse. And, once again, it should have been seen as a temporary assignment for the duration of the emergency. That was not a time to be throwing hissy fits. Such behaviour sure didn't endear her to me. Nor is that just due to not liking the movie. I have no problem with half the main characters (Spock is 50/50 ).
Spock was wrong. That's the only reasonable take-away from the scene in question. Uhura worked hard to get a posting on the Enterprise and didn't meekly accept a lesser posting when she knew that she deserved better. That's not a 'hissy-fit,' that's simply being assertive.

On the other hand perhaps respectfully asking a question might have been more acceptable, instead of the way she did it. Clearly Spock was right about his conflict of interest concerns when it came to the way they interacted. Unless she was like that with all her superior officers!
Uhura didn't make a scene, she didn't speak rudely or raise her voice. She asked Spock for a word and plead her case passionately. Compare with Kirk, who decided to simply attack Spock during an argument, and it's clear that your objections have far less to do with what Uhura did and far more with her gender.
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