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Re: Earth based Trek show

I don't see it working, some of the elements that politically based shows deal with have all been resoved by Trek's time so you lose a lot of that story telling.

Star Trek can work on the small scree, remember it was off the air for some 18 years as a live action TV show (DW was off the air for 16 years). When these shows returned after their long absence the audiance was there. So who knows perhaps in 2020 the TV audiance will be there again and high enough to off set costs. Eventually what ST had left towards the end of ENT run was it's core audiance, it had lost the mainstream audiance, who had gone on to watch other shows, maybe even other Sci-Fi shows on rival networks. Or the audiance had seen a decline in quality and switched off, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

So whilst we as Trek fans want a new show, give it a few more years and more of the general audiance might be saying you remember that TNG show wouldn't it be nice if they did something similir again?

ANother way for CBS to gow ith is the go-production method with another TV network say Sky in the UK.
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