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Re: Earth based Trek show

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Some of the political stuff in the president's office in the Undiscovered Country was intriguing
Like the part where the president abandons two Starfleet officers because of political expediency? Makes me grit my teeth every time I see it.

A show that explores the inner working of the future Federation society would be interest. The vast differences of the people, the diversity of the hundreds of species. Traveling to hundreds of unique alien worlds.

But a show mostly about the politics of the Federation? No thank you. That could a best be a rare episode, or something small going on in the background that we never really see.

I certainly wouldn't want a Federation government show, where the government is basically a Earth/Human style government structure.

theAre, now if you could depict a truly non-Human government, something that operate absolutely nothing like ours, that might be something I would be interested in watching. But even there it couldn't be the shows main/sole focus.

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