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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

OMG.....I started this post so people can have an honest discussion of Uhura,the role of women and feminism.However seeing some of the comments here only proves that women still have a long way to.

Uhura is called a manipulative brat for insisting she is placed on the Enterprise and yet the fan boys are giving Jim a pass for his undeserving place on the Enterprise.

all you male dominant fan boys...answer an honest question for once.

Who was more deserving to serve on the Enterprise.

Uhura or Jim?

I think a lot of men are intimidating by many Women...what is this? the 1800's?

Old Uhura didn't do much. NU-Uhura totally kicks ass.

Jim to me was the weak link of all the characters however he gets off easy because Jim is just destined to be captain.

Unlike Uhura or Spock..Jim doesn't have to work that hard of anything.

Uhura earned that place on the Enterprise....Spock earned his place and even had to work harder to get admitted into the Vulcan Science Academy.

what did Jim do?

He sleeps around and hits on every girl he sees

He cheats on the Kobayashi Maru

He gets Mccoy to bail him out so that he could get on the Enterprise.

He starts fights on the brig.

And in the end he gets captain.


However the fanboys hails Jim as their hero and slams Uhura.

Shame on you...Hey fanboys go listen to Beyonce's run the world.

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