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Re: Was altering Kurn's memory "Kahlessian"?

Ignoring the murder of Kurn would also be in Starfleet's interests: it would do them no good to stain the reputation of their only housebroken Klingon at a time when the role of said Klingon as an on-the-spot mediator was a crucial one.

From a human, Federation, and Starfleet point of view, how could he possibly justify violating someone's mind in that fashion? Wouldn't that be at odds with his Hippocratic Oath?
We don't know if such an oath is part of the 24 medical practice any more. It's sort of going out of fashion today already... In Trek, only the EMH has indicated being bound by it, and he may be considered something of an exception, much like even perfectly humanoid Asimovian robots are exceptions when it comes to murder 'n stuff.

Bashir has certainly chosen to do harm previously, firing his sidearm at various opponents or piloting a runabout in combat.

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