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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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I don't get people claiming this show isn't "dark." It may not be in-your-face with the doom and gloom, but let's remember:

* Regina and Cora have both killed people by pulling out their "hearts" and grinding them into dust.
* Rumple is possibly responsible for even more deaths than Regina and has, on more than one occasion, killed people by transforming them into other animals/objects (and then sometimes destroying them.)
* In the most recent episode, humans invaded the realm of the giants, attacked them with poison arrows, and massacred a basically innocent family just so they could raid their treasure.
* Regina virtually annihilated the world they all came from and cursed hundreds(?) of people out of her insane jealousy of and hatred for Snow White.
* King George is pretty vile himself, threatening to murder a mother to gain her son's cooperation in a massive political fraud to secure King Midas' trust and money.

There's a lot of violence and psychotic behavior in this show, even if much of it is implied rather than shown. Not dark? What show are you guys watching?
Yea, I think lot of people think in order for a show to be "dark" it has to be non-stop depression and hopelessness like NuBSG, or completely unlikable characters who do nothing but constantly fight like S1 SGU. I think Charlie Jade, actually is darker and grittier than NuBSG, but, it's more enjoyable to watch, because you don't have the non-stop hopelessness, and you have a villian, who's creepy and dark, but, also lightens up the mood with one-liners. The Walking Dead could very well be even more depressing than NuBSG, but, they have found a balance where it doesn't sink into those depths of depression.
That's exactly it. "Dark," as used by the contemporary audience, refers to those awkward adolescent attempts at cynicism like nuBSG and the like. Like any drama, OUAT has its fair share of tragedy and loss, but it has never stooped to that level.
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