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Re: Movies Seen In 2013


The Mist has a different endin' in the book than in the movie, though I read that Stephen King said he wished he had the guts to write the endin' the movie has when he originally wrote the story.

Warm Bodies - free admission
P.S. I Love You - DVD
The Lake House - DVD
Alonzo Bodden: Who's Paying Attention? - Netflix Instant
Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 - Netflix Instant
Side by Side - free admission
Pennies from Heaven - free admission
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid- DVD
The Lonely Guy - DVD
Batman: The Dark Knigth Returns, Part Two - DVD
Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt - DVD
Side Effects - free admission
Funny Girl - free admission
Christopher Titus: Neverlution - YouTube
Ralphie May: Just Correct - YouTube
Top Gun 3D - IMAX
Fourplay: Tales of Sexual Intimacy - free admission

Spent a night off from work at two different movie theaters.

First, I went to the Regal Gateway for Top Gun 3D, since they have one of the two fake Imax screens in the city. Unless the screen is floor to ceilin' & wall to wall, with nearly vertical seatin', it isn't a real IMAX. But, I wanted to see the movie on the theater screen, and the 3D was gonna be an added bonus.

I nearly choked when I found out the price tag for a ticket was fifteen bucks!!!

Had to pee from the volleyball scene onward, too, but didn't want to leave the theater after payin' that much to see the movie.

While the 3D doesn't do much for anything set on the ground, it made the flight sequences even more awesome than they were before.

Followed that up with a quick drive to the Alamo Drafthouse Village for Fourplay, an anthology movie that my friend Rita helped to edit. Local actor Jose Villareal was there for a post-film Q&A, though the website said the director would be there...ah, well.

The stories are about a lesbian who falls in love with a dog, a couple who rekindle their lust in an adult venue, a gay guy cruisin' for love in the men's restroom at the mall, and a crossdressin' hooker who gets hired by the wife of a medically disabled man. My friend edited the fourth one, and the actor was from the third.

Not that I'm biased or anything, but the fourth story was definately the best of 'em. It had an actual conclusion, instead of just endin' like the first two, and seemed far more realistic compared to the fantasy that the third turns into.

Watchin' 'Salem's Lot (2004) on DVD now...feels like its taken forever to get goin'...probably won't finish it before I call it a night.

I wish I could go to the Die Hard marathon at the Ritz tomorrow, since I've only seen the fourth one on the theater screen, but I have to work.
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