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Re: Caitians - height

I don't say the 2-3 meters for Caitians can't be possible, but it has no strong enough evidence that it is the only possibility or that this variant should be more autoritative than others.
Obviously not. But what I originally said stands: material exists that claims a relationship between the two felinoid species, and material exists that claims no such thing. If one assumes that the two species are related, then 2-3 meters is a better range than 1.8-2 meters, per onscreen evidence. If one recognizes that it's sort of futile to explain the similarities of Star Trek species by claiming that A1 and A2 are lost colonies of A (because the whole alphabet wouldn't then suffice for covering all the cases of B1 through B999 having shared characteristics, C1 through C999 likewise, etc), then Caitians are short and Kzinti are tall and that's it.

And I still think the simplest explanation for FASA's bizarre "2-3 meters" claim is that whoever wrote that page of the sourcebook didn't understand metric measurements.
That's downright mean of you.

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