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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??


The PS1 and PS2 were not that underpowered. I'd say the PS1 more than held its own agaisnt the Saturn and even the later N64. The PS2 was less powerful than the X-Box but again not leagues behind, certainly not Wii-level underpowered.

I'm really not a Sony fanboy but I just don't agree with these assessments from people. Though maybe I'm alone in that...[/QUOTE]

I love the Saturn more than anyone and I can admit that the PlayStation was capable(or at least actually produced on average) better 3D visuals. I think you can even make the case that PS1 games look better than N64 in a lot of ways(N64 has better FX like smooth texturing but really low poly counts, low frame rates and HORRIBLE low res textures) and the PS2 was an odd architecture with some bad design decisions but it was more powerful than the Dreamcast and held its own against the newer Xbox and Gamecube.

As for the new consoles Im open to the PS4 because of the LACK of rumors. Knowing absolutely nothing about it is better than the new Xboxes rumors of no used games, always on internet and stupid kinect, which Im pretty sure I cant even use in my living room because its too small.

However Sony really needs to get there crap together if they seriously want to compete. I've had a PS3 for 6 years and still haven't bothered buying a game for it and the PSP was probably the only game system I actually regretted buying.
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