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Re: Voyager for people who hate voyager

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Actually I avoided buying the first and second seasons of Enterprise cause i could not remember which season, "A Night in Sickbay," was in.
Well, having been an ENT viewer back during its run (seen every episode except for TATV, and half-saw Marauders, The Seventh, thanks to how bad A Night in Sickbay was) and revisiting it recently alongside DS9 & Voyager, Seasons 1-2 on the whole can't hold a candle to DS9 or Voyager (minus certain episodes from Seasons 6-7). The acting is much more mediocre. Phlox was good (though Singularity & Vanishing Point did him no favors) but T'Pol was pretty crappy (Nimoy & Russ show how to play a Vulcan without being a mediocre actor). Archer, the acting was fine but his character was hard to respect. Reed was much more of a nasty jerk than I remembered. Mayweather might've been better if he had been given more lines (seems like he had more skill than Hoshi's actress). Or maybe it was just the direction that was the problem. Regardless, some whole episodes make Garrett Wang & Robert Beltran seem like Patrick Stewart & Avery Brooks in terms of acting. I haven't yet revisited the Xindi arc.
Actually just finished watching the Xindi arc, I loved it! Makes the 4th season seem average.
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