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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Actually, Revere's stats are comparable to Bourn's. He hit about 20 points higher than Bourn. They both stole bases in the 40's. Bourn has a somewhat higher OPS and tended to walk more than Revere. The only really significant difference is power which I don't think is a real selling point on any of these individuals.

I'll give you that it was a bad deal for Philly but my point is that Bourn's asking price caused other teams to blow him off while settling for a marginal downgrade in talent. Bourn would obviously have rather gone to Philly or Washington seeing as how they are contenders. Now he wastes away in Cleveland.
Cleveland actually now has a fairly decent shot at the AL Central, given how well their lineup matches up against the White Sox and Tigers. Their big question mark is the rotation.

First off, it's worth noting that there were two things that directly contributed to Bourn lingering on the market this long: First, he priced himself well above his value. Second, the new CBA with its absurd draft pick rules regarding free agents spooked a lot of teams away from him.

Regarding Bourn vs. Revere ... well, Revere's career OPS+ of 79 to Bourn's career 90 speaks for itself. Bourn is not an elite player, but he isn't allergic to walks, he actually has the ability to hit for extra bases and he isn't the absolute disaster on defense that Revere is. Bourn is still below replacement-level, but he isn't a complete joke, unlike a certain Ben Daniel Revere, who is basically Juan Pierre without the power and the defensive instincts.

In other news, congratulations to the Mariners for managing to make a terrible deal somehow even worse by having Felix Hernandez flunk his physical yet still giving him all the money originally agreed to. Jesus Christ, what is wrong with you, Jack Z?
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