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First Contact (Ep) Discussion

What do people think about the Malcorians and whether or not they eventually joined the Federation- or likely will sometime in the future? I always thought it was an intriguing episode, both in learning how the Federation officially conducts "first contact" with another alien race, Picard's skillful diplomacy in getting Riker safely returned to the ENT and his and Troi's attempts to encourage the Malcorian President to consider joining the Federation. I also thought that the episode was pretty bold by having the Malcorian President ultimately decide NOT to proceed with their technological advances and refuse Picard's offer of Federation membership for the time being. It was a shortsighted decision IMHO but nevertheless one that we can understand and sympathize with to some degree and one that Picard (rightly) respects without recriminations. I did like how the President allowed his science advisor to leave with the Enterprise crew because, as he correctly believed, she would likely be unable to cope with the sudden deceleration in their technological advancement, particularly since they had just discovered that they weren't alone in the universe. Thoughts? Opinions?
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