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the next Trek series were on linear TV?

CBS and the Under The Dome series and Amazon.
The deal will also allow for Dome, which will be produced by
Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and CBS TV Studios, to be
purchased and downloaded exclusively on Amazon Instant Video.
that means no iTunes.
no Hulu Plus.

Last November, CBS ordered 13 episodes of the series under an
innovative financing structure where the network would seek a
subscription video-on-demand partner. The arrangement made it possible
to execute a high-end scripted drama during those summer months at lower
license fees. On Monday, CBS announced that Amazon -- rather than
Netflix or Hulu -- would be its partner on this series, and company
executives are saying the fit makes sense.
"With this innovative agreement, we’re giving fans more options
to watch and stay current with this serialized series, and doing so in a
way that protects the Television Network’s C3 advertising window,”
said CBS Corp’s chief corporate content licensing officer Scott
Noted Brad Beale, director of digital video content acquisition
for Amazon: “Adding a current season major network TV series like
Under the Dome to the Prime Instant Video library so shortly after its
live airing enables us to increase our exclusive selection of great TV
shows and give customers access how, when and where they want to watch
Netflix doesn't get same seasons of tv shows. Hulu is the only one with
the exception of pay-per-episode iTunes rentals.

The series’ first episode should air June 24 and become
available to Amazon Prime members June 28

Although Amazon will not unveil its own original television shows
until the fall at the earliest, it is spending hundreds of millions of
dollars to have the exclusive Web rights to shows it can brag about on
its Amazon Prime streaming
The cost of an Amazon Prime membership ($79) is a bit steep just
to get access to one unproven television show. But if the partnership
proves comfortable for CBS, and possibly other television networks, the
distribution method could prove a worthy competitor to ad-supported
streaming from network websites or products like iTunes Season Passes to
shows currently airing.
and this is why CBS could allow scifi to do this. Trek in 3-4 years from now could be totally different with this Amazon relationship. Amazon may be a different animal by then.
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