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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

As an aside, did anyone else think that Kid Blue (the guy who shot off part of his foot) was the younger version of Jeff Daniel's Abe?
I thought that was so obvious I was surprised they didn't go there. The kid being the Rainmaker was obvious from the first moment he was introduced. I kept hoping for some other twist, the kid gets killed and Emily Blunt becomes the Rainmaker or such luck.

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Sure there are plot holes big enough to drive a truck through but it doesn't matter because it pulls you along for the ride.
Only if it's fast paced enough to stop wayward thoughts from creeping in...if it's so hard to dispose of a body in the future, what are they going to do with Bruce Willis' Chinese wife? Killing her creates this terrible problem so why don't they have weapons that stun people to avoid them having to deal with tagged corpses that are impossible to dispose of for some vague reason? Oh they could put her in the time machine...but why can't they kill Willis and put him in the time machine too...and why assign his past self to kill him? Wouldn't it be a lot smarter to enact a strict policy against doing that, due to it being extremely stupid and likely to cause trouble and then they'd have no movie...

I found this movie far too slow paced and padded to keep my mind from wandering into places that made me increasingly disgruntled. Contrast this with Minority Report, which really was fast paced enough to squelch such thoughts until the movie was over. This movie could have used an editor and also a director who realized that trying to turn this nonsense into some artsy fartsy character study was the worst approach. Better to just acknowledge that the material is good mindless action fodder, nothing more.
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