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Re: Warp, Motion, Accelleration... ugh...

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However, the base assumption is that the battle is taking place at sublight speeds in relatively close proximity.
Why would they use a different set of sensors? For that matter, why engage in a "close proximity" fight with weapons that have effective range and power at superluminal speeds? Since the warp drive was obviously functional...
Didn't they say that the FTL sensors had been damaged? And if not, it's not that hard to believe that they had been throughout the fight.
There was nothing said about damaged sensors. The only things that we know were the fight started with the Stargazer at Warp 2 when she was jumped.

After two passes from the Ferengi, Picard gets a bearing on the Ferengi ship by detecting it's sensor beam and then times the acceleration to Warp 9 at the Ferengi as the Ferengi's sensor pulse is on it's way back to the Ferengi.

The Stargazer then stops relative to the Ferengi ship and opens fire.
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