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Re: White House Petition to Restore/Preserve and Move the Enterprise M

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A petition to the White House? All due respect, but you have got to be freaking kidding. I'm as big a TOS fan as any, but I kind of think there are, ohhhhh -- maybe a few other million issues that deserve the president's time before we get down to which TV spaceship models go where.
a lark, man


You should see the stuff people petition there. Like seceding. Or building a death star. Isn't there a petition to build a real Enterprise?
they're all thinking too small. USofA needs a REAL planet-killer, not a knockoff of the Empire's Big Ball.

Think of how DOOMSDAY MACHINE's horn-of-plenty cum openmouthed-bass would look silhouetted against the Earth.
That'll take a bite out of crime!
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