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Re: Phaser banks on the Constitution class

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I wish I had your optimism. If I remember correctly the Defiant's phaser shots from the lower sensor dome at the Avenger in "In A Mirror, Darkly" would have penetrated the saucer itself, judging by the aft phaser beam angle (no Trekcore screencap available of the forward phasers firing).
I just watched that for something else and I think the scene you're thinking about they are firing photon torpedoes from the lower sensor dome while their aft phasers are simultaneously firing up. I'm assuming that the torpedoes looped back to hit the Avenger since it sounded like the hits were landing on target. If anyone is interested, I can try and screen cap that.

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TOS never showed the port, starboard, midships and aft phasers, either.
How do we know that none of these phasers mentioned in "Balance of Terror" refer to phaser (bank) # 1 or # 2?
Well, before I answer that, a quick explanation of what I think phaser banks are: a phaser bank is a big phaser energy buffer or capacitor that can then be directed partially or in whole to any phaser gun (emitter) on the ship. Multiple banks can be fired simultaneously through a single or a pair of phaser gun weapons (emitters).

We see this in "For the World is Hollow I have Touched the Sky" where both "phaser banks one and two" were fired (simultaneously) through two forward emitters. And also in "The Paradise Syndrome" where they fired the four phasers (banks) in sequence through the ventral forward phaser emitters and then once simultaneously through same set.

Now, upon watching the original FX from "Balance of Terror", when "phaser one" fired, we see three phaser pulses fire forward in sequence from three different locations from the ventral saucer area. So, it is possible that we're seeing three different phaser gun (emitters):
1. ventral starboard, ventral forward and possible ventral port
2. or ventral starboard, and the two ventral forward emitters.

One phaser (bank) in this case powered three separate emitters at different times (one after another).
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