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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

Lead cast in Bloodline.

Anybody remember her as the succubus from The Gates? No? Yeah I guess about four people watched that show...

Bloodline is described as a pulpy, highly stylized look into the cheeky world of Bird Benson (Samuels), a smart, irreverent and strong young girl who, due to an accident of birth, finds herself caught in the middle of an epic struggle between two warrior families set against the backdrop of modern suburbia.
Still not sure how to parse that, but I assume that "warrior" is not a poetic metaphor for organized crime or a homeowner's association, but rather has a fantastical twist to it, even if it's more cultural than supernatural, some kind of hidden subculture that has survived for eons. It would be cool to see fantasy that isn't the kind of fantasy with vampires et al.
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