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Re: Bored Sheriff's Office or a Modern Day Pablo Escobar?

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Obviously, it's a bit difficult to tell because not all the facts are there. I appreciate that they at least didn't knock down the door. I suspect they had an arrest warrant and reason to believe that the suspect they wanted was in that home, but it appears he wasn't.
Yeah, it seemed they actually called the complex first and had someone come over with the key. Though it seemed whomever they were talking to to get permission to enter may have suggested that as they were talking about kicking the door down.

But, I suspect the charges of the guy weren't severe enough to warrant the level they went to to get this guy. It really is a wonder they simply didn't just assume he wasn't home, leave, and then come back later. Or stakeout the apartment for him to return or something.

Instead the created quite a bit of noise in the breezeway.

And, yeah, I'm not sure on everything they were going after the guy for but the most I gleamed from it were MJ charges. (Again I did hear them mention meth, but they said they didn't have the warrant(s) for that.
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