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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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There are many aspects of the Trek movie that I consider ripe for criticism but the idea that it is any less "realistic" in it's depiction of military-like protocols than any previous iteration of Trek is rather laughable.
Actually I wasn't comparing it to previous Trek. But even if you feel comfortable rolling out the "old trek was almost as bad at times" excuse (and assuming it's justified), are you sure the examples under discussion might not have been a good place to improve matters a tad? That said, I agree it's more the fact it doesn't make anyone involved look too good, rather than a potential military protocol problem, that is of most concern.

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Uhura's argument was this:

"Was I not your best student?"
"Am I not the best comm officer here today?"
"Then why the fuck aren't I assigned to the best ship?"

It's a valid point, and hardly blackmail. Spock erred on the side of caution and Uhura took issue with that. I found that far more endearing than the blank sheet that is old Uhura.
For all Uhura knew, the ship she was assigned to may not have had a communications officer at all at that point and needed the best trainee available. That wouldn't have been a slight on her abilities, quite the reverse. And, once again, it should have been seen as a temporary assignment for the duration of the emergency. That was not a time to be throwing hissy fits. Such behaviour sure didn't endear her to me. Nor is that just due to not liking the movie. I have no problem with half the main characters (Spock is 50/50 ).

On the other hand perhaps respectfully asking a question might have been more acceptable, instead of the way she did it. Clearly Spock was right about his conflict of interest concerns when it came to the way they interacted. Unless she was like that with all her superior officers!
I agree. Trek has often been silly but two wrongs don't make a right!

These were temporary postings handed out in an emergency. If they were not, Spock would not have been the one dishing out his girlfriend's posting - it would have been deferred to somebody else with no personal relationship. Plus you would not fill up your flagship with trainees under normal circumstances. Uhura could have raised her request for a posting to the Enterprise when she returned. I for one would not have been averse to seeing Uhura and Gaila being rescued from an escape pod following the confrontation with Nero.

Spock was not unprofessional for posting her to another ship because in doing so he deferred the decision on them working together until somebody else could make that decision. Uhura was doing exactly what the system is designed to avoid - using her influence to circumnavigate the correct chain of command and in the process leaving another ship one communications officer short. It was a fun jokey moment but it doesn't paint the characters well.

Ultimately the decision not to post her to the Enterprise might have been wrong and rescinded later but in the circumstances, Spock acted correctly and Uhura did not.
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