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Re: Trek Art FAQ - Rough Draft - Review and Commen

How about a statement about what media and subjects are acceptable, with some examples? I know that everything Trek is allowed, but some people might think, on the basis of what they see posted, that only 3-D renders of starships or Photoshop pics are okay but that sensitively rendered pencil sketches of crew members, manga-style comics, modified action figures, and Lego sculptures are not.
Good idea. You haven't noticed me here much because I just subconsciously have had the idea all these years that "Trek Art is for 3D spaceships." I do a lot of illustrations and animations, usually not Trek-related, but it literally never occured to me that this forum would apply to me.

And I've been at TrekBBS for nearly five years. Amazing, huh?

Maybe you just need to lead off with a statement that "TrekArt is for any visual representation related to Star Trek which is substantially your own creative work."

I really don't know if there are a whole lot of people doing Trek art that isn't 3D modelling of vehicles or photo-manipulation via Photoshop (as entertaining as that can be). I guess I'll nose around some and see.
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