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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

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But what about...

1. Prometheus Design
2. Triangle
3. Home is the Hunter
4. Enemy Unseen
5. Time trap
6. Pawns and Symbols
7. Covenant of the Crown
8. Better Man
9. Ice Trap
10. Death Count
11. Firestorm
12. She'll Game

Are all of these definitely placed in the TVM/ TWOK gap? We're any of them written with ambiguous placement? Were any of the early ones written as pre-TMP 2nd 5ym stories? Are any reassigned to this gap to make a bigger timeline to work?
Pawns and Symbols is apparently a "second 5-year mission" story; it's several years after "Day of the Dove," but the characters still have their TOS ranks and uniforms.

I'm uncertain about Timetrap; it's been ages since I read it. I checked the excerpts from it that are available on Google Books, and they do have elements that imply a movie-era setting: Kirk is musing about getting older, and it's been several years since "The Tholian Web." But otherwise it seems to be pretty ambiguous about its setting.

Also can all of these stories be combined to form a unified continuity for the 2nd 5ym/ preTWOK period, or are there significant contradictions among them. I recall reading the New Earth is at conflict with Deep Domain in particular.
The Prometheus Design and Triangle are off in their own little bizarre reality along with Marshak & Culbreath's Phoenix novels from Bantam.

Home is the Hunter conflicts with In the Name of Honor in that it kills off Mr. Garrovick, but I don't think it conflicts with any of the other books on your list.

Pawns and Symbols is in a reality by itself, offering a view of Klingons that doesn't mesh with other portrayals.

I'd say the last half of your list fits together, more or less; Covenant introduces a security ensign, Michael Howard, who also appears in one or two of the L. A. Graf books. But Ice Trap contradicts "The Ambergris Element" and Deep Domain in that it gives McCoy a phobia about drowning.
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