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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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4x11-Tangent: The Air Force has constructed a special Gou'ald attack ship left over from downed fighters recovered from Sokkar/Apophis. Course now Apophis is in control and something has alerted him to the new Air Force ship, from afar. While Jack and Teal'c are doing test maneuvers with the ship Apophis activates a recall function. It's never said how Apophis nows the parts are back in function but he knows and activates a recall. For that missing explanation I feel it's a bit weak of an episode. Why a recall? Why not a self destruct on crucial parts so your own tech can't be used in the manner the Air Force had? Bit weak of an episode imo.
Apophis wasn't in control nor was he aware of the X-301. The recall device was installed into his Death Glidler's following Teal'c' defection. The recall device appears to be self-activating. (At least thats the inferrence the episode gives)

As for a recall aside from not destroying a valuable peice of hardware (no doubt his motherships had the same recall device), it allows the traitor to contemplate his actions. It comes down to the Gou'ald mineset thinking they are gods. Killing a traitor quickly isn't nearly as satisfing as knowing they will die slowly in the cold of space.
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