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Do you have a fav scene?

Am watching clips tonight and just loved this one for... well... for EVERYTHING.

From Janeway's boredom with the interview to her shock at the accusation to her exasperation and her revelation that shocked, SHOCKED Tom and Harry and... if Vulcans showed shock, Tuvok himself.

Since we don't have Seven in the last clip... here's a great one which always makes me smile... EXCEPT when Seven goes the wrong way in the hall and Janeway grabs her. That part makes me LAUGH outloud!

Speaking of cast members missing in action, this scene shows why Chakotay and Tuvok should have teamed up more often. "I look forward to reading it."

See... I told you they made a great comedy team!

Of course... TPTB preferred the "So you think you can dance" trek team in this bittersweet clip.

Oh, and lest we forget... there was ANOTHER great comedy team onboard that never got enough time. "Call sickbay... there's about to be a medical emergency!"

Anyone else have some favs?
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