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IOC adds golf and drops wrestling from the Olympics

The International Olympic Committee is dropping wrestling from competition after the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, the result of some elaborate secret ballot it holds every so often to determine its 25 "core sports."

In part because golf and rugby are coming to the Olympics, something had to go. As such, both freestyle (somewhat similar to what you see in American high schools and colleges) and Greco Roman, each of which dated back to the 1896 Games in Greece, will soon be history. Wrestling can try to get back in, but the odds are long.

One of the problems with the IOC is that its history of rampant corruption makes any of its decisions suspect. Who knows why each voter voted as they did, but it doesn't take much of a skeptic to think this was a political and thus graft-filled process. Each sport was forced to campaign for itself and, thus, against the others.
A sport as old as human history that is done the world over and was one of the most popular sports of the original Olympic games gets killed by a bunch of corrupt pansy bureaucrats. This is shameful and I would say the same thing about the decision even if I hadn't wrestled in high school and college.
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