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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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It's actually funny that this conversation is happening now. My boss was the Visual Effects Supervisor for Nemesis, and I was actually having a conversation about the film the other day with him. When it was brought back to Digital Domain to do the effects, after Blue Sky Studios did Insurrection, he was saying that he actually did want to change a lot of the, I guess I would call,"traditional" aesthetics of certain things. He mentioned changes to the Warp effect, and the transporter effect. They even wanted to have much more elaborate CG camerawork during the battle sequences. Whether or not this would have resulted in a more Abrams style aesthetic I don't know, but it interesting to see what might have been. The producers were evidently very keen of keeping with what had been seen before, so they ended going up with a much more familiar style, but there were a few tweaks they were able to do, such as the slightly different warping effect for the Enterprise.
That's a shame because the TNG-Era "Rubber Band Effect" is my favourite special effect in all of Star Trek and I simply didn't get why they changed it to a slightly lame exhaust gas effect.
What is that gas? Why would the Enterprise suddenly be shooting that stuff out when they hadn't before?

The Rubber Band effect was so great in that it showed that the power involved altered the properties of the ship as it entered subspace, looked great to see that it was so fast even some parts of the ship would be travelling faster than the other half at some points.

A massive shame the decided to jettison that part for Enterprise too, just made the whole thing less dynamic IMO

With the TNG Era it felt like there was a template to the FX that felt great, warp effect, the way the phasers charged before firing etc.
I liked some of the Dynamic angles used in Nemesis in the battles and it was great to finally see The Enterprise unleashing all its firepower at once instead of just one phaser or photon shot at a time, but the style of the fx themselves shouldn't be messed with.
Otherwise you get crazy crap like phasers firing out of the photo torpedo launcher etc
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