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Bored Sheriff's Office or a Modern Day Pablo Escobar?

So, today, I'm sitting here watching TV, relaxing, all of that. When I hear knocking and pounding on the door across the breezeway from my apartment. I think nothing of it, but after a bit it goes on and on and I hear an authoritative yell from the person doing the knocking.

So I take a peek out my peephole and see what's going on and I see a police officer standing there pounding on the door and shouting into it. I listen in and the officer is there serving a warrant for the arrest of one of the occupants of the apartment. There's at least two officers there, both from the local county's sheriff's office.

So the guy is shouting the guy's name telling him to come out, and he has no where to hide, etc. And I'm thinking, "Wow! This guy must have really done something!"

So I'm sort of listening in when the deputy is calling back to dispatch trying to, I guess, get permission to enter. I hear that the warrant is for a drug-related charge for marijuana (I think it was trafficking.) One of the other officers is walking around, occasional spitting onto the ground, they've kicked the guy's doormat around and the "head' officer keeps pounding and the door and shouting for the guy.

I got to wondering if they ever considered he wasn't home.

This goes on for almost an HOUR. During which time more deputies had came up, and they managed to get permission to enter as well as getting the apartment key from the office. At this point the lead officer is shouting into the apartment at the guy that he needs to come out now as he's running out of time. If they have to enter the apartment they'll have more opportunity to look/find things and they can add on charges for not opening the door.

Finally they enter. The head officer has one of those hand-held riot shields (+2 AC against druggies!), two officers flanking him have flash lights and they enter the darkened apartment, now shouting into it for the guy to come out of hiding.

Muffled noises, but finally it sounds like they got someone who's in the apartment and are in the process of cuffing him and asking him questions.

All of this time I'm still standing at my door looking out the peephole. Near as I could piece together the guy inside the apartment was asleep and didn't really hear what was going on and thought it was happening somewhere else in the breezeway. (Apparently he wasn't the man they were looking for.) I sort of wonder about this since the sound of YOUR door being knocked on and shouted through is different than the door of a neighbor, but whatever. The police have turned on the lights and are looking around the apartment, it seems they eventually left without arresting anyone. (Not that I saw anyway, I left for a bit to use the bathroom and either they handcuffed the guy and drug him out of there quickly or didn't do anything to him, not having a warrant.)

Anyway, it was an interesting, fascinating, spectacle to watch but also struck me as way overkill for a simple drug charge. (For marijuana none the less. I think I heard something about suspicions of meth, but the current warrant was only for the MJ.)

What's odd is I just met this guy today as I went out to get breakfast. In passing, I "Hi" and an acknowledging nod.
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