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Re: Man Walks on Moon; Germans Bomb Pearl Harbor

I found the article to be quite frivolous and trivial. The author really never goes beyond the obvious, never tangents on something beyond the concrete, limpid discordances.

And WTF?:
Unlike Spock or Data, Odo was quite content to not be human. In the early episodes, he went out of his way to deride human values whenever possible. Sometimes, he had a point.

And I've always found this to be the most exaggerated mantra among DS9 fans, not to mention that it's not nearly as veracious as many seem to want to believe. Though I do find the really extreme ones to be amusing. I'm of course referring to those who alleges that the earlier shows literally never delineated and illuminated any character flaws.

They could be stubborn, petty, even spiteful. They made mistakes. Most importantly, they were a complete 180 from the utopian ideals presented in The Next Generation.

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