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Re: Do you believe there is someone for every person?

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Lots of people could be potential mates for each other---however, people are often not willing to compromise; they expect perfection right off the bat and that simply doesn't happen.
Yeah, the idea that there is someone who fits perfectly isn't at all realistic, and even as a hopeless romantic I'm not deluded by the idea that someone who likes me is going to be exactly who I am looking for (preposition, sorry!).
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I admit I'm somewhat conflicted about this and had to think about it for a bit.

The rational skeptic in me says "No, of course not." Obviously, there are some people better suited than others, but as J. says, it's ultimately a roll of the dice.

However, I am an old-fashioned romantic to a fault. To that end, part of me believes there is such a thing as gooey-eyed love at first sight, and that, that person will love me unconditionally should I ever be fortunate enough to meet her.
Just to put another datapoint on all of this (and possible give J. some hope!), I do believe that there is the perfect person out there for some people, and I believe in love at first sight. That's because it's what happened to me. Met my wife 19 years ago next month, been married for 15 1/2, and still very much in love. We've never had a fight, hardly ever disagreed, and have frequently accused each other of sharing a brain. What's amazing to me is not that we really do fit perfectly together, but it's that we met by complete random chance. Had either of us been 5 minutes off, we would have never met.
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