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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering which of the novels in the TVM/TWOK gap were explicitly written to be such?

I know Christopher L Bennet's were. As we're the New Earth and Rihansu updated versions. Deep Domain was the final mission of the 2nd 5ym. And I remember Kobayashi Maru, Time For Yesterday, Pandora Principle, Dwellers in the Crucible, and Strangers in the Sky take place then.

But what about...

1. Prometheus Design
2. Triangle
3. Home is the Hunter
4. Enemy Unseen
5. Time trap
6. Pawns and Symbols
7. Covenant of the Crown
8. Better Man
9. Ice Trap
10. Death Count
11. Firestorm
12. She'll Game

Are all of these definitely placed in the TVM/ TWOK gap?
We're any of them written with ambiguous placement? Were any of the early ones written as pre-TMP 2nd 5ym stories? Are any reassigned to this gap to make a bigger timeline to work?

Also can all of these stories be combined to form a unified continuity for the 2nd 5ym/ preTWOK period, or are there significant contradictions among them. I recall reading the New Earth is at conflict with Deep Domain in particular.

Thanks a lot and have fun,
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