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Re: Do you believe there is someone for every person?

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Now, I'll admit that one of the reasons I use the term "make whole" is because I'm a very lonely person, and I do feel that having a companion is a giant hole in my life. I don't live to find someone to fill it, but my life is very noticeably empty without that companionship. Also, sex.
I guess I just see it differently. I definitely miss the companionship of being with someone, although there are nice things about being single! But while my life may have a missing piece in it, I don't believe I do as a person.

RAMA wrote: View Post
I don't believe in this in a supernatural sense. I don't believe there are people who are going to be 100% like you or share 100% of your interests, BUT I do believe that in this highly populated world, that there is someone who'll closely relate and want to be with just about anyone, in every size, shape, gender(s) and color, this even includes psychopaths. I don't believe that they will magically come to you, you have to put yourself out there...sometimes it's as easy as a chance meeting, but more usually you'll have to work at it.

Part of psychopathy is that they don't closely relate with other people.
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