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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

Rumor mill update #142

So 2015 is off the table. Pushed back to 2016...right?
This "report" is now saying not till after 2017, not in 2017 but sometime after. They speculate as late as 2021.

It looks like the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie was more wishful thinking than anything. As more and more negative press leaks about the project, Warner Bros. and DC seem to be becoming nervous about the project. First it was a bad script, then Mark Millar's negative comments, and now a rumor that the movie may not see the light of day until after 2017 at the earliest.
A quote from Batman On Film from the JoBlo article:
“If Superman is huge, then they’ve bought themselves some time and will have a franchise to hang their hat on for seven, eight years. The need for Batman won’t be as great, and [the reboot] of that franchise can wait until the Superman trilogy is done.”
That seems to be how JoBlo is arriving at 2021 in their article title.

I don't tend to agree. If MOS does spawn a trilogy I don't see any reason they can't start on JLA as it's own thing just as having had an Avengers film isn't stopping an IM3 etc.
I know the structure was set up that way intentionally at Marvel.
MOS could be ground floor though of a new DCU-CU though which GL failed to be. Instead of after 2017, how about by 2017? Film MOS2 then jump over to film JLA. MOS2 for 2015 and JLA by no later than 2017.
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